Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blog Post 4

                Not to much has changed lately I have just be writing and still trying to come up with new ideas that will move the book in different directions that still hare interesting, but realistic at the same time. So it is always challenging to do this, but I learned from talking with the Soul Pancake people that sometimes a project might be hard, but you must stick with it. Sometimes I have to say many sentences out loud, because they sound weird in my head or when I write them. Also the finished project will be that more sentimental to you when your are finished. So I am just trying to keep that thought in mind when I am having a hard time thinking of ideas to base adventures on. Other than those small snags my project is doing great and I still love doing it and maybe when I finish this one I will write another one, because it is a way for me to be creative since, I am not artistic in any way, without it looking horrible. It is a fun project and I look forward to see how much I can really write.