Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post 3

             This week proved to be one of the more harder weeks of the project, because I was trying to think of names to give to people, but it is a little hard to give someone a name from Spain in the 1500's. However I have decided that the names of the people he meets will be common names of Spanish people from that time period. I also still have much respect for authors, because thinking of ideas that are not insane to the story and that are in context of the story is tremendously hard. Most of the only thing that I think about in my free time is new ideas for the book and try to build them off of other ideas that I already have written down. So far writing the book is not that hard, but adding the emotion sometimes is challenging, because I do not feel the way Francisco fells in the situation he is in. So at times I have to get try and get myself into character so that I have a better way with writing down describing emotions without having it sound to bland. Other than those minor setbacks thr book is coming along very well!     

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post 2

                                                             Post 2
             Over the past week I have gathered information that I will use in my book, like the cities that will be in the book. Also I have learned that some cities that we have here in the U.S have come from Spain like Toledo. That will be the hometown of the main character Francisco. I have also realized that writing a book is much harder than it seems, because you just cant throw anything together and call it a book, it has to be done well and precise. The information has to be accurate or the book just will not flow. After I restarted the book I just researched more facts to give a better overview of the time period and how the world was run then. Also still I want to show how war can change a man and can change the way he thinks. Next I have been researching the weapons that they used at the time so that the reader feels like they are right beside Francisco along his many travels. Next I want the book to be more of a journal he writes when he is old and near death looking back on his life and the things he has done. Lastly I want the reader to make a decision at the end of the book to see if Francisco is a monster or is he just a soldier doing his job by fighting for his country. My book will have very historic battles and historic places that really happened, but I put my little spin to it so that Francisco can live through that terror. I'm still pretty excited about the project and I want to put a twist at the end of the book that it will even surprise me, but for now I am just gathering ideas to make the book great and exciting.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Adam's 20 Time Project

                                                               First Blog      

            For my 20 time project I am writing a book about a solder who leaves his poor uncle and aunt on their farm in angry argument and runs away to join the army who then finds himself in some very wild places doing some very crazy and sad things that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Over the course of many years he finds that leaving the farm was the a decision he will come to regret. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to include in my book, but unfortunately most of them sound better in my head than on paper. I have some good ideas on the adventures of the main character Francisco and the many men he meets. I also want to add a fell of sadness to the book to specify the horrors of war and what it can do to men and the people that are affected by it. I also want to show that the army is not always the best way out when there is no where else to turn.

            My goal for the book is to be at least 1000 pages long with vivid detail of everything that paints a picture of what any character is going through at the time. i kinda want to be like Dickens and explain thing with way to much details, but not go as far as three pages for one door knob. I have started writing some of the book and I am on page 12, but I do not like the way the book sounds right now, so I may start over or can try to fix the way it sounds now or I just may start over and write a new beginning to the story. I'm really liking my project and I really want to write more than 1000 pages, because it is easy to reach a goal, but it is harder to exceed a goal. However so far I really like my project and I am excited to reach my goal.

           Lastly when I am done with my project I want to get it published, so I have a hard copy of the book, not just the work on loose leaf. Getting the book published will be a project within itself, but Hopefully I can find a publisher that will publish my book. However first I have to finish the book, which I will, and it will be a great masterpiece. This will not be east project, but I am excited about it and will get it done and if I need some help, I can always ask my mentor who was in the army for 22 years and can always help if i am in need of it, but hopefully I won't need any help!