Sunday, May 10, 2015


        Look back over the past year of my 20 time project and what I have accomplished, I take away some good things and bad things. I have realized that I did not start on my 20 time project until November and would have gotten more done if I had started earlier and put some more time into it. I have also realized that when something is given to me and i have a lot of time, I tend to push it down on the list of things to do. I really need to work on changing that, so it does not come back to haunt me later.

       Also I learned that when there is something that is given to me and I am told that there is a long amount of time that i have to work on the project, I tend to have times when I take these breaks and do not work on the project at all. That is not good at all, because maybe if I had not taken these breaks I could have gotten more work done on my project. Basically I need to try to work on not procrastinating on projects, because they are equally as important as studying for tests or doing homework. My 20 time project is equally as important as all the other things that I must do for school and if I had not procrastinated as much as I did I would have got more work done and would have accomplished my goal by the end of the year. However I think I will still work on my book still after 20 time is over so that I can reach my goal.

      Now throughout the year I also have taken some good things out of my experience. I learned that when I did work on my project for long periods of time I actually did get a lot of work done. Funny how that works! I would have got a lot of work done if I would have just worked, because I got a lot of work done when I worked diligently. I realized that when it comes to working on a project the beginning research is also important as doing the project itself. I would have not wasted time starting all over, because I did not know enough about my topic that i had to restart, but I was rushing to make a goal that I could have made if I started earlier.

     I also took away that at least I tried something that I always wanted to do and realized that I sort of like what I was doing and thought that I had some good ideas. I realized that with any thing that you try for the first time it will take time to get used to what you are doing and that you cannot just jump into it like you know what you are doing. However once you finally understand what you are doing, then you can just dive into your work. I also learned that I need to slow down when I work and take my time, because when you work fast you tend to make mistakes and become frustrated about the mistakes. They all can be avoided if you start earlier and take your time. Two things that I do not think that I did very well through out my project and now when its coming to an end now I look back on the whole experience and I feel a little regret.    


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