Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post 2

                                                             Post 2
             Over the past week I have gathered information that I will use in my book, like the cities that will be in the book. Also I have learned that some cities that we have here in the U.S have come from Spain like Toledo. That will be the hometown of the main character Francisco. I have also realized that writing a book is much harder than it seems, because you just cant throw anything together and call it a book, it has to be done well and precise. The information has to be accurate or the book just will not flow. After I restarted the book I just researched more facts to give a better overview of the time period and how the world was run then. Also still I want to show how war can change a man and can change the way he thinks. Next I have been researching the weapons that they used at the time so that the reader feels like they are right beside Francisco along his many travels. Next I want the book to be more of a journal he writes when he is old and near death looking back on his life and the things he has done. Lastly I want the reader to make a decision at the end of the book to see if Francisco is a monster or is he just a soldier doing his job by fighting for his country. My book will have very historic battles and historic places that really happened, but I put my little spin to it so that Francisco can live through that terror. I'm still pretty excited about the project and I want to put a twist at the end of the book that it will even surprise me, but for now I am just gathering ideas to make the book great and exciting.

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