Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post 3

             This week proved to be one of the more harder weeks of the project, because I was trying to think of names to give to people, but it is a little hard to give someone a name from Spain in the 1500's. However I have decided that the names of the people he meets will be common names of Spanish people from that time period. I also still have much respect for authors, because thinking of ideas that are not insane to the story and that are in context of the story is tremendously hard. Most of the only thing that I think about in my free time is new ideas for the book and try to build them off of other ideas that I already have written down. So far writing the book is not that hard, but adding the emotion sometimes is challenging, because I do not feel the way Francisco fells in the situation he is in. So at times I have to get try and get myself into character so that I have a better way with writing down describing emotions without having it sound to bland. Other than those minor setbacks thr book is coming along very well!     

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