Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post 5

            Hey everyone hope your break was fun. Unfortunately for two weeks I did not do anything on my project what so ever. So now that puts me in a fun position to try and play catch up in stead of just being where I should be if I had stuck to my original plan. We all make mistakes and I am confident that I will be able to make up for the lost time that I wasted by no working on my project for those two time. So now I must become more disciplined when it comes to my project. Last week I really got some writing done and it put a dent in the pages I was suppose to write those two weeks, but now I am back on track like a train rolling down the tracks. However I have run into the same problem that keeps reoccurring, I have a hard time thinking of ideas most of the time and it can be sometimes stressful to re read something and then delete it, because it dose not sound right.
          While writing about war and stuff along those lines I tend to think a lot on how it would really feel like to be a solder in battle with a man across from you who will do anything to try and get back home to his family and if you are in the way of that then its a problem. So lately when I have been writing battle scenes against the Aztecs I try to add the emotion of Francisco into the pages because he is so young and has a different perspective on battle than other grown men solders who have done this their whole life. Also I am thinking of trying to incorporate some legends into the book that somehow Francisco is the person is the reason behind that legend or the person who has this lost treasure somewhere, so I just have to so some more research and try to incorporate it into the story, but so far I think everything it turning out nice.             

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