Sunday, February 8, 2015


          Over the past two weeks I have made progress on my book however I ran into a snag last week, where I could not find any names that I liked that could be used for characters. However I found this website that gives names that were commonly used in Spain in the 1500's. This is great because I can use a name that people from that time period would have and also it has that Spanish twist to it. I have really been trying to add vivid descriptions in every page, but sometimes it can be very hard and I do not want to seem over descriptive, so I will just have to read my pages over and make a decision on what I think. Also I am thinking of killing off his great friend, Bernaldino though the plague. However I might want to kill off his fiance Catalina de Amar. I want to show now the downfall in his life after he has gained riches untold from his atrocities in Mexico. He might have been one of the richest me in Spain, but he is the  most alone and internally at war person there is. They are just a little ideas I want to include in my book Other than that I still am making good progress and think it is coming along very well.    

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